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What’s in our name? Why Mangrove?

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Mangrove Strategies is inspired by the mangrove trees found along the Florida coast. While kayaking through the Robinson Nature Preserve during spring break, I was struck by the beauty and symbolism of the mangrove tree.

The mangrove protects the shore from erosion while simultaneously providing shelter for fish and wildlife. Young species often grow up among the trees, gaining the strength and knowledge for how to flourish in the world.

I thought about how the mangrove is such a fitting metaphor for our schools. Our schools and the people leading them often face unfavorable conditions while trying to protect and guide the next generation.

Just as the mangrove tree is at the root of strong coastal communities, I believe strong schools are at the root of a strong society.

And that’s why I founded Mangrove Strategies. I wanted to build a firm that supports our schools, school districts, and charter management organizations like the mangrove tree supports our environment.

I hope we get a chance to work together. You can learn more about how we support schools here.

And you can learn more about mangrove trees from NPR:

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